The guide that will make you understand how the best athletes think and get prepared. If you want to dominate your game, become extremely confident, motivated, improve faster and reach your goals in your sports, you need to get prepared the same way the top athletes do. In this guide that comes with a workbook, you are going to perform the same drills Cristiano Ronaldo, Djokovic and Michael Phelps do.

BONUS: If you get the Winner Mindset Blueprint, I am going to give you the Play in the Zone, which is a guide to help you to find your exact optimal level for a higher performance and how you can achieve it.

Winner Mindset Blueprint (+BONUS)

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  • What age is recommended to use the blueprint.

    The recomended age is 12+. Before the age of 12 you need a parent to help you and decide what you should follow. 


    Which sport can I use it for? 

    Any sport. The blueprint was developed to an individual development, that's why it doesn't matter if you play a coletive or individual sport.


    How often should I use it?