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Perform better than all your teammates

Learn how to stand out from other athletes to catch the attention of a scout and go pro

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Adding just 20 minutes of this to your routine 

Athlete, do you go through one of those things?

Isn't able to always show off your abilities playing

➞ Has a
slow progress of your skills 

Continuous thoughts in your mind while playing

➞ Tries to
be perfect or gets frustrated with yourself when you don't play well

➞ Fears getting injured (so you play too simple)

➞ Can't forget your
mistakes quickly

➞ Gets
controlled by your emotions while playing

➞ Lacks
discipline or consistency

➞ Gets affected by criticism & negative feedbacks

Hesitates, not having a good decision making

➞ Has self doubt

Compares yourself to others constantly

➞ Has
weak self-image

➞ Fears being unsuccessful

Feels inferior to your teammates or competitors


➞ Gets too anxious, nervous or worried to compete

Can't enjoy playing as much as you did before, seems you're losing your passion

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How many victories  are  taken away from you every championship...

...just because you keep going through any of those?

Time goes by and along with it, sooner or later, your parents may start telling you it'd be better if you try to do something else, right?

More and more, their may insist you should have
another goal in life, because for them, you probably won't go pro.

And they may not be wrong, if you don't change.

Because with things like those happening, you are not standing out from other athletes as much as you could.

You are missing the opportunity of getting a scout's attention.

And this makes you do not get a contract offer,
because you don't show off at the pitch.

But this is
not your fault.

Your mindset is just like you body: you can train it.

nobody every taught you how to do that in an easy way, right?

Just like there are
exercises for you build muscle mass, that you should repeat constantly, to get good results...

There are
mindset drills, that you can do to build the confidence, focus, motivation and discipline of a champion.

They are
simple to be done.

Do them for 
20 minutes a day and you start showing all your skills at the pitch.

you will stand out from other athletes you play against, making it impossible for you not be noticed.



After all...

You will be improving an area that
most successful athlete says it's crucial...
...but most of
amateur athletes don't train it, right?




And there's more! 👇

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A few months before the 2000 Olympics, Laura Wilkinson had broken her foot, which made her unable to practice physically to compete.

Using mental training drills, she won a Golden Medal.

You will have access to:


  • The same drill she used, to keep training without being able to get out of bed, (it's is super useful, no matter which sport you play);

  • Relaxation Management training, for preventing you from getting injured;

  • Goal Setting  for your recovery period.
    You will be walked through all you have to do to create and accomplish appropriated goals for this period, so that you make the most out of it;


  • Positive self-talk, so that your motivation stays up while you recover

  • The right approach to mentally deal with injuries

  • And more.



Phil Jackson, winner of 11 NBA Rings, coach of Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal and many others elite basketball players, used mindfulness meditation to improve the skill of his team.

Now, you will have available 5 different kinds of mindfulness meditations, each one for a specific cause,

so that you improve yours.

  1. Morning motivation

  2. Pre-game meditation for focus and concentration

  3. Game visualization

  4. Body relaxation

  5. Sleep meditation

Every aspect of these five areas of your life

will be boosted when you use these easy 5

guided mindfulness meditations.

20 minutes a day

Is what you need to apply the drills

and see your performance improving

Support group

For any questions about the training,

the drills, or any other kind of

sports advice you need. 
Nobody gets unanswered.

You skip 5 years

Of studiesresearches and testing

and receive everything ready to apply and
take your performance to the next level.

7 days to try it out

If something wasn't what you expected,

just ask and we will return all you paid,
no questions asked

Deep psychological knowledge

Turned into simple drills for you

to do at home, quickly & easily

Access anywhere

100% online content,

works on any device





After joining, you will receive via email your user, password and link to have the best experience inside Athlete Mentality Academy.

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]to $109,00

paid anually

from $408,00

paid monthly

Working hard is what makes me suceed_edited.png

There are no risks involved, because you have 7 full days to decide if you're staying in the Academy or not.


If for any reason you don't, just click on the button "Refund Request" and you will be refunded right away.


No questions asked.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's mental training?

Sport Psychology Today describes it this way: “Mental training is the segment of sports psychology that concentrates specifically on helping athletes break through the mental barriers that are keeping them from performing up to their peak potential.” Basically, mental training in athletics means preparing the mind to help you perform at your best, mentally and physically.

Is this training useful for any kind of athlete, for any sport?

Yes. Because it improves:

  • Your focus to be able to be concentrated on scoring, dribbling, kicking, running, or whatever you must do in your sport, helping you to fully-engaged with that activity, making you perform better.
  • Your confidence so that you do not choke under pressure while you're performing, no matter if there are too many people watching you, or if you are nervous.
  • Your motivation to keep practicing everyday and develop your skills as you should
  • Your discipline so that you use your free time to improve yourself and do useful things instead of instagramming ou playing too much video game
And much more (seriously), in any sport. This is useful not only for sports, but for your life in general.

How long does it take for me to have access to the training?

In less then 10 minutes. You will receive access in the email adress you registered when you acquired the training.

If I have any questions about the training, will I be answered?

The Winner Mindset Blueprint does not include access to our support group. In case you acquire The Athlete Mentality Academy, yes, you have access to a private support group where you can ask whatever you want, as many times as you please. If you are in none of them, send a email to and you will be replied as soon as possible.

Is this training recommended to a certain age?

Not really. The content inside the training will be more understood if you are over 13 years old, but in case you're under 13, your parents can easily help you to make use of it. If you acquire The Athlete Mentality Academy, you can ask questions in our private support group and I'll be glad to help you out if you need. No matter how old you are, you can use this training to boost your skills in any sport. It's not too late for you to achieve your full potential performance and stand-out from other athletes.

Is the payment safe for credit card?

Yes! Your data is safe, we don't have access to it. We use Hotmart and Ecwid, two of the biggest online shopping companies of the world. Your safety is very important for us.

What if I don't have enough time to go through the training?

It was created having this in mind. Investing 20 minutes of your day will be enough for you to learn and apply the drills that are inside the training and see the results. Plus, you can watch it from anywhere, you just need a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Can I access it offline?

Yes, you can use the app "Hotmart" (the plataform the training is on) and download the classes so that you watch when you do not have internet connection.

How do I access the training?

You will receive a link, your user and password, randomly generated, to access the training on an online plataform. Everything will be sent to the email adress you used to buy the training.

How long does it take for me to finish the full training?

It depends on how much time you spend doing it, it could take from 2 weeks to some months, it's impossible to say. Depends on you. But this is like any other training, you don't train shooting for some months and then never do it again. If you stop going to the gym, you will lose the muscles you developed. Once you learn how to do the drills, for you to maintain a strong mindset, for you to keep up with your discipline, motivation, focus, positive self-image and etc, you must keep doing the drills, just like any other training. 20 minutes of your day will be enough.

What if I don't like the training, for any reason?

You have 7 full days to experience the training and see if it is for you. If for any reason you think it isn't worth it, with a single click you can have your money back. Simple as that! No questions asked, we will still be friends.

What's the difference between the Blueprint and the Academy?

The academy is an online platform with videos for improving your mindset and performance. The Blueprint is an ebook. Besides that, the difference is the content. The academy contains more in depth explanation, more and better drills than the Blueprint. It's like if the academy is an improvement from the Blueprint (which was released first). I always recommend joining the Academy since is a complete mental training. The Blueprint is a lighter version of it.